Gabi's Baptism

Gabi was baptized on Sunday! We had a great day with family and friends. We also had a house showing on Friday, which I thought was "the one", but they have to sell their house first before they can purchase ours. UGH! Hopefully it happens soon because I am getting impatient!

Gabi being baptized.

Nikki, Jeff & Gabi.

Jeff, the Priest, Nikki & Gabi.

Our little family.

Gabi's cake.

Another one of me, Gabi & Jeff.



Jeff and I had a nice, relaxing vacation this past weekend. We went to the beautiful Iberostar resort in Mexico with Heartland Dental. It was strange not having kids to take care of or dogs needing outside constantly!

Jeff and I the night of the reception.

 My cool toe nail polish :)

The swim up bar.

Ocean view from our room.

Walkways around the resort.

Our bed.

Hallway in one of the buildings.


Brady Watching American Idol

I recorded Americal Idol from last week and watched it yesterday. There was one group I really liked, so I watched it a second time. Brady started running around screaming, so I watched it a third time and video taped it. He really got into the whole singing and getting excited thing :)


Happy Valentine's Day and Gabi is Three Months Old!

Jeff and I had a great Valentine's "weekend". Thursday evening we went to Stone Creek Dining Company with the Goedeker family for Brad's 30th birthday. Saturday evening Jeff and I went down to Bloomington to Scholar's Inn for dinner with a group of friends. And Sunday we went to Oceanaire for our Valentine's dinner!

Gabi had her three month photo shoot last Friday. I can't believe our little girl is already that old!

My beautiful Valentine's flowers from Jeff.

 Brady, me and Gabi.