My very first post!

Alright, I think I have this thing up and running! All I have to do now is figure out how to add pictures, then we will be all set. This weekend I will be working on our Weimaraner web site, "Bellamy Weimaraners," so hopefully soon I will be able to link you to that, too. I am also working on getting our wedding pictures on SmugMug. So much to do, I hope I can start chipping away at some of it soon!!


Angie said...


Great idea about using the blog to keep in touch. I'll be checking it out! Thanks! GO COLTS!
Love ya,
Aunt Angie

Anonymous said...

Nice job Nikki. But where does it say that you owe it all to mom and dad for all their hard work and sacrifices so you could be where you are today! JUST KIDDING.......
Go Bears ( SORRY ) Wrong Keys, I mean the COLTS..
Love Dad

Anonymous said...

come visit me!!!!:)