The Baby is getting Bigger

This past week has been a lot of fun. I have gotten some rest because I have been pretty stressed out at work. I have also had a few nights without much sleep because of the baby! The baby is now only waking up about once or twice a night to eat. Lilly is becoming a very good Mommy. She lays in the box and lets the baby eat.

Jeff had a really busy week so I really haven't see a whole lot of him. He went to Effingham, IL on Wednesday night because he was invited to speak at the new dentist orientation, which was quite an honor. Then he went back to Illinois yesterday for a day of workshops and lectures. He also transported 3 Weimaraners from Illinois to Kokomo for Weim rescue last night.

Here are some more pictures of the baby, enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

What an angel:) Tell her aunt sara says hi and only 26 days till I meet her! That's awesome that you're helping out the weim rescue!!