5 Weeks Old

Keely is now 5 weeks old. Okay, she is almost 5 1/2 weeks old! Keely is running around and enjoying life. Lilly is being a wonderful mom and plays with her really well. She will drop a toy right in Keely's face and I laugh because I have never seen Lilly share like this before! Keely wagged her tail for the first time last week and it was so cute! She crouched down to the ground like she was going to jump at me and she started wagging her tail back and forth. She is a happy little girl!

My parents and my sister came down yesterday to see Keely, and the above picture is my sister, Sara, holding Keely. They had a lot of fun playing with her. I also made lunch and we grilled chicken, potatoes and carrots, and had a fruit salad. It turned out well!


Maya said...

I LOVE that last picture! So cute!

Anonymous said...

Good morning-

I seem to be having trouble sending email to you, I tried my work and my old Illinois Alumni account.

Just wanted to pop in and say hi, love the 5 week pics! Keely is growing like a weed. She is adorable in the little hat. Justin had a great conversation with Carol last week. We went out to the place she suggested for training to check it out and find out when classes are. It is a perfect location. Thank you so much for getting us in contact with her. I had a favor to ask. If you still have the digital shots, and could send them as an attachment I would greatly appreciate it. I want to make prints to start a photo album. I tried making one off the pics on the blog but it turned out blury. No big deal if it is trouble. have a nice day and talk to you soon.

Sarah Murphy

Sarah Wickersham said...

Thanks for the info about obedience school! That would be close for us since we are in Carmel. Another random question. I see you have a male and a female weim...would you recommend this? We are trying to figure out what sex to get and didn't know if the male and female typically got along better in your experiences. Thanks!