Our New Home

Just joking!!! Did I catch your attention?! My dad came down from South Bend this weekend to go to the Luxury Home-A-Rama with Jeff and I. Needless to say, this house was amazing. It was our favorite and I think we will be using some ideas from it when we build someday. Even though we aren't anywhere near ready to build a home yet, it's fun to look.

Next weekend will be a busy one. This is our last week with Keely. Her new owners are coming to pick her up on Friday. After Keely leaves, we are off to Chicago to take Lilly to a Retriving Test. After the Retriving Test we are going to South Bend for the Notre Dame game. Good luck, huh?!

Keely is getting big! She has been a lot of fun lately because she is running around and playing with toys. Below are a few of the pictures I have taken of her lately. Enjoy!

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Maya said...

I was going to say...we're moving in! Ha!