Photos Galore!

Every since Jeff and I got married, I have wanted to put our photos someplace online where family and friends can view them and order whatever they want. I ran into some problems because 1) it would take forever to put all of our photos someplace and 2) I didn't want just "anyone" viewing our photos and being able to print them. A huge motivation to get this done was Keely leaving us last week. Of course, there are still people that want copies of our wedding photos, but there were even more people wanting photos printed of Keely.

So.....(drum roll please!) I finally got this started this weekend! I chose to pay a small fee to join SmugMug because you can password protect your galleries, they have beautiful galleries, they don't have ads flooding the page, you can order prints online from my galleries, and you can download the original file and take it to your favorite photo store to have it printed if you don't want to print it online.

So far I have uploaded a Keely gallery (shown above), a Phoenix and Lilly gallery (below), a gallery from our engagement trip to Mexico (below), our ski trip to Telluride, CO (below), and our honeymoon to Jamaica (below). I am currently working on our wedding pictures.

I will let everyone know when the wedding pictures get up. To find our galleries, go to http://thegoedekers.smugmug.com. All galleries are password protected, so please email me at Nikkigoedeker@yahoo.com and I will give you the password to view our photos.

Stay tuned for a Monday evening post, when I will post "Merry Christmas, 9 1/2 Months Late!"

Jeff and I made a pretty big purchase this weekend!

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The Murphy's said...

Ohh, what is the big purchase! You have my attention! Wanted to say hi and thanks again for the pics, it was so easy to do. Have a great week