Almost Three Weeks Old!

The time is flying by. The little puppies are almost three weeks old! We will start weaning them off of Lilly tomorrow and begin their "mush" food stage. Most of them are getting pretty good at walking around. They are all becoming aware of their surroundings and we keep changing toys in the whelping box to keep them interested. Below are a few of the pictures I have taken in the past few days. We will take their "Three Week" portraits tomorrow and post them on Sunday.

I will have my desktop computer back next week!! I decided to upgrade it and I somehow locked everything down. The tech guy at work has been working on it for the past few weeks, so I have been working off of my laptop. It is harder to color correct photos and work with larger files on my laptop, so I should be posting more often when I get my desktop back! I am so excited!

Another update I have, we finally found a sofa! Jeff and I have been looking for the past few months for a sofa and we finally found one this past weekend. It will be delivered on Saturday!

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