Five Weeks Old!

Lilly and Phoenix decided they needed to be a part of the photo shoot this week. They were pretty funny! Lilly was sneaking under the sheets I had sitting around and Phoenix wanted to lick the camera.

The puppies are now five weeks old. Thanks to the many visitors we had this weekend, I was able to relax a little bit! They are now playing and climbing stairs. This week I tried to get them used to as many noises that I could think of. They heard the blender, the dishwasher, the washer/dryer, the sweeper, and many more! Posted below are their five week portraits. Happy Belated Valentine's Day!

Mr. Blue

Mr. Green

Mr. Gray

Miss Pink

Mr. Black

Miss Yellow

Mr. Red

Mr. White

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The VerWaynes said...

wow - suddenly they look so grown up! and there are so many of them, I just kept scrolling and scrolling...you must be busy!