Four Weeks Old

This is crazy! The puppies are almost five weeks old and I haven't even gotten the four week pictures posted on this blog! I am doing a better job at keeping the Bellamy website updated, so if any of you feel like you are puppy deprived, you can visit the website I am updating regularly at www.bellamyweimaraners.com.

The house is nuts with ten dogs! The puppies are definately keeping Jeff and I busy with cleaning, feeding, cleaning, and did I mention cleaning? They are so cute, though. Whenever we walk into the gated off area, they all come towards us like "pick me!" "I want to be held!" I wish we had more arms to hold them all!

Jeff purchased the studio light kit that I have been wanting forever as my Valentine's/Birthday present. I am going to set it up and take some Valentine's pictures tomorrow! I can't wait!

Below are the four week portraits:

Mr. Blue

Mr. Green

Mr. Gray

Miss Pink

Mr. Black

Miss Yellow

Mr. Red

Mr. White

The Group:


Maya said...

I so want to bring Zane over and let him play with your puppies! Well and we want to play with them too! How long will you have them till?

The Murphy's said...

Great pics Nikki! I love the one with the litle boy. :) Keely was very upset the other night after the beagle won the Westminster Dog show. She was sure the Weim had it! She kept watching the show on the couch and as soon as the judge would send the dog around the ring she would see them running and go up to the tv to try to get a closer look. It was great!