Congratulations, Jessica!

Krissi and Jessica

This past weekend I was in my cousin, Jessica's, wedding. Yes, I know, the above photo is not a picture of the bride and groom, but of one of my good friends from high school and the bride! I forgot my camera this weekend, so I had to steal Krissi's pictures. Sorry, Krissi! But Jessica looked beautiful and everything turned out fantastic. It was a great wedding and it was fun to see everyone. I was all worried about my bridesmaids dress not fitting, but instead of it being too small, it was actually kind of big. I went through this whole thing of having to go up a few sizes because they didn't know how big I would be at the time of the wedding, then I had to get a lot of the dress taken in. Oh well, it all worked out.

Krissi and Nikki

Jeff and I make a great pair right now. He had to have an MRI a few weeks ago because he rolled his ankle playing softball. We were worried he would have to have surgery, but instead he has to wear a boot on his foot for a few weeks. So we were walking around all weekend together, crippled and pregnant!

We have kept ourselves busy lately. We purchased a new car, started on the nursery, registered for the baby (Babies R Us and Target!!), and have been out of town just about every weekend. Today I signed us up for some classes at the hospital: Breastfeeding, Expectant Parents Class, and Newborn Care Class. I started my Third Trimester on Sunday, so the time will be here before we know it!

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VerWaynia said...

I can't believe how fast it's going!! Sorry about the boot - those are def no fun!