Brady's Baptism

Brady's Baptism photo in his little white tux

So, I am running a little behind on updates : )

I finally changed our winter background and this one will have to do until I have the time to design my own.
In the month of March:

- Brady had his Baptism
- Peyton earned his Novice Shooting Dog title
- Peyton earned the first leg of his Junior Hunter title
- Nikki turned 27 years old
- Brady turned 5 months old
- Lilly was bred for the final time (puppies due in late May)
- Our house is getting some attention (I am decorating!!)
- We are beginning to "plan" meals so I know what to buy at the grocery store and I am not staring blankly at the freezer every night (this seems to happen a lot)

Brady was baptized on March 8th. The Mass was really nice and the priest even held him up in the air to present him to the church. We had a gathering at our house afterwards.

Brady's jacket with his little "tails" on the coat.

Brady being baptized.

Brady being presented to the church.

Random photo (I got some new fun toys for Photoshop that I've been playing with).

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