Yes, I know I have been a little MIA lately! We left off in May with my first mini-marathon and believe me, a lot has happened since then! No, I am not pregnant again (thanks Sarah, for wondering. ha ha). We decided to breed Lilly one last time and we ended up with another litter of eight puppies. This time with little Brady and all of the puppies, I had a more difficult time keeping up with updating the website, taking pictures, puppies, cleaning, Brady, and work. Don't worry, two weeks ago I took a day off of work for some shopping, a mani/pedi, a 60 minute massage and a wonderful dinner with my husband (it was also our fourth anniversary). The house is now clean and I think I am on the path to recovery (hence, I am updating the blog!).

Some congrats are in order for my cousin and her husband. Congrats to Jessica and Brad and their new little girl Miss Anna Pearl. She is such a precious one and I can't wait to meet her!

Brady is now almost ten months old and is doing the army crawl, sitting up, standing up while holding onto something, and babbling like a crazy man. I am now beginning to realize that it is almost impossible to get anything done with him and the three dogs. So when Brady is down for a nap, I try to cram as much as possible into the hour!

I am going to start going through all of the photos from the past three months, so I will post them as I do so. Here are a few of Brady from the past few weeks.

Brady smiling outside. He has become quite the model for the camera.

"I'm a cool guy."

Brady just starting to sit up.

Brady ready to eat. This was just taken yesterday.

Brady playing with his stacking toy.


Jessica said...

Nikki, you're so sweet! We can't wait for you to meet Anna also! I hear you and Jeff have been SUPER busy lately!! Glad to see you updated your blog with such adorable photos! Brady is just a natural in front of the camera!! He's so cute!! :o)

Justine said...

He's so adorable! Such a handsome little man... he definitely looks like both of you!