Brady's First Birthday

We attended Franklin College Homecoming on October 17th and Brady was not acting like himself. Usually he is really happy to see everyone, but that day he kept a straight face about everything. When he woke up the morning of his Birthday (October 18th), he was feeling worse! I felt so bad for the little guy. So, instead of enjoying his first Birthday, he would play with his new toys, then start crying for no reason. I took him to the doctor that Monday and he had an ear infection.

Brady wanted to thank our family members for coming to his Birthday party and helping him celebrate his big day. Sorry he wasn't feeling very well!

Brady taking a nap in the middle of his party

It has buttons!

A new remote!

Brady's Birthday cake - it's a Weimaraner!

The smash cake

The Birthday hat


Jessica said...

brady is so adorable! his cakes are cute as well!! glad he had a great first birthday!! ;o)

Angie K. said...

I love how he falls asleep in the middle of the party. He sure is a cutie! I love the cake too!