Running a little behind (as usual)

It's Christmastime? I don't ever know where the time goes, things just seem to creep up on us. My Christmas shopping is almost finished, but I have yet to finish the Christmas Cards or get the tree up! Hopefully this weekend will be the weekend to get everything accomplished.

Congrats to Peyton for earning a point last Friday in Belleville, IL. He only has one more point to earn his Championship! One of our puppies also earned a point this past weekend in Northwest, Arkansas. Congrats Bee, owned by Erin Powell, who took her first point at 6 months and two weeks old!

Last Thursday we had "Pictures with Santa" at Jeff's office, Friday I had to work and Jeff took Peyton to Belleville for the dog show, Saturday Jeff helped a friend move and I finally found a dress for Jeff's Heartland Christmas Party, and Sunday we attended the Colts/Tennessee game. This weekend will be just as busy!


Angie K. said...

Glad you found a dress...congrats to Peyton too!

Bill and Anne said...

You have been busy! It is fun though isn't it? Do you take Brady to the games with you and wrap him up in his colts blanket? We saw a couple of babies at the Panthers game and it was sooo cold!

Take care!