I posted pictures of Stoneycreek Farm when we went, but I did not get the pumpkin carving pictures up! Brady cleaned and carved his first pumpkin after we picked out our pumpkins at Stoneycreek Farm. I also got a photo of him in his Halloween costume.

Every year Jeff's office has a pumpkin competition and we always throw something together at the last minute. This year we purchased a kit while we were at Stoneycreek Farm and we made a turkey pumpkin for his office. Jeff didn't win, but his girls do a great job of decorating every year.

The turkey pumpkin we made.

Close-up of his face.

Brady in his Halloween costume.

So, what the heck are we doing?!

I put my hand in like this, right Mom?

The finished products.

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The Story of the Murphys said...

Great pics Nikki!!!! Love the pumpkins. I can't believe Jeff would let him risk getting his Colts jersey dirty! :)