Purina Farms

Halloween weekend we took our annual trip to Purina Farms to meet up with some friends for the International Dog Show. This show is more for practice in the show ring and fun with people we haven't seen in a while because it doesn't count towards AKC points. It is also nice because you receive a written evaluation from the judges instead of walking out of the ring wondering what happened. Everyone we were with earned their "International Title". We also got to see Bee (a puppy out of the litter we bred last summer)!

Beautiful sunset on the way to St. Louis.

Bee, a puppy from the Hudson x Lilly litter.

Bee stacked.

Bee did really well that weekend, she won best puppy in show!


Diva, a Beagle friend who did really well that weekend and also is doing really well in the AKC ring!

Me and our "human dog". It was Halloween, so Brady wore his costume until he got annoyed with it.

Brady climbing the stairs. He climbed all of the way to the top 4 times that day.

Brady wearing Peyton's medals.

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