Pictures with the Easter Bunny

At Jeff's office this year we had the Easter Bunny come for "Pictures with the Easter Bunny". I was the photographer and we had a good turn out despite the rain! Everyone seemed to have a good time and the local fire department even came to show off the fire truck to the kids. We did learn that next year Brady will not be staying the entire time :) He decided to throw a tantrum every time I walked by the room he was in and he wouldn't nap or eat. Thanks to one of Jeff's staff who brought their daughter so she could look after him!

 Jeff and his staff.

Easter Bunny, Jeff and Brady. Brady was actually afraid of the Bunny, he wouldn't sit on his lap.

Easter Bunny, Me and Brady.

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Angie K. said...

Brady is just so cute! I'd be scared of that Easter Bunny too! Hope you all had a nice Easter.