4th of July Weekend

 Brad and Brady reading by the pool.

We had a great fourth weekend! Jeff had to work on Monday, so we celebrated our 4th of July on Saturday. Brady went to Grandma and Grandpa G's house while Jeff and I headed up to Geist where some friends have a house and a boat. We had a great time, but I got pretty sick Saturday night because of the boat! I guess boating and pregnancy doesn't go well with me. I have only been on a boat three times while pregnant and I have ended up pretty sick all three times!

On Sunday, we went over to Grandma and Grandpa G's house with Uncle Brad and Aunt Marissa to hang out by the pool!

On the boat! (I'm the second one on the left. Jeff laughed at me because I went out the morning we left to buy a bathing suit. I told him I wasn't wearing a bikini while I was pregnant!)

Brady sun bathing.

Brady swimming with Uncle Brad and Dad.

Brady sitting in the big boy chair.

Brady sitting with Dad.

Jeff water skiing.

Peyton, Jeff and Brady.

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