The Kiddie Dash

Brady ran in his first race this past weekend! I have been designing all of the materials for the Joseph Maley Foundation through work, so this past weekend Jeff and I walked in the 2nd Annual JMF 5K Run/2 mile walk. Let me just say, this is the first race I have EVER walked in! I always run, but right now when I jog, I feel like my stomach is going to fall out of my body, so we decided to walk. We took Brady in the jogging stroller, then after the run and walk was over, they had a Kiddie Dash!

The foundation was started by neighbors of our president at work whose son died of Leukemia at the age of 18. I have designed everything for this foundation from the logo to all of the event materials to the website! The website is still in its first launch stage (they are going to eventually have a video player on the front page and some more info for the bios). You can check it out at http://www.josephmaley.org/

Here is how the Kiddie Dash went:

Jeff with Brady at the starting line (he looked like he was ready to go!)

All of the kids took off.

If you can see in the far background, Jeff is now standing in front of Brady, trying to get him to move. After all of the kids took off, he just decided to stand there!

Brady finally took off and he was running like a pro!

And he crossed the finish line!

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Grandma O. said...

That's my little guy! He wanted all the attention to himself. He knows what he's doing!!!