Our Recent Purchase

Our new home!! Okay, not for about three years or so, but this is our latest purchase. Jeff and I signed papers on Monday to purchase 10.8 acres of land in Whiteland! We close on the land in mid-April. We are very excited about this because we do not have to build on the land right away, so we can take our time paying it off and picking out a floor plan and features for our dream home!

The land is located in Whiteland, IN. It is in the Whiteland school systems and pretty easy access from 65 S (for those of you from South Bend).

We told Lilly and Phoenix about this and they are very excited. Phoenix will have a nice retirement home and Lilly will have some land to run on.

This summer we are going to rent it out because it is still farmland. We also have been looking at different trees so we can plant them this summer along our property line. Maybe they will grow by the time we build!

Oh, by the way, our plot is the green box on the left.

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Stacy Quasebarth said...

Wow, I did not realize you bought land in Whiteland. My husband and I are just now in the process of buying a house in Whiteland...small world. :) We were supposed to close this morning, but paperwork is a little backed up and we are looking at early next week. Congrats on your purchase -you will have to post pics whenever you start construction -which sounds like it will be a while from now. Hope things are going well for you!