"Put the dead bird in the freezer"

Okay, now that is something that I never thought I would hear. But after this weekend, anything is possible!!

So, Jeff and I went to Kentucky this past weekend to take Lilly to a hunt test. Now, I don't know all of the technical jargon, so you'll have to ask Jeff for that. All I know is that Lilly received the first leg of her "junior hunter" title. She needs to have 4 total to receive her title. We decided to go to this because Lilly loves to run in the field and we belong to the Weimaraner Club of Louisville (which sponsored this event).

Jeff said, alright we are going to do this and we are staying at "The Lodge". So this picture above is "The Lodge". And we thought we were staying in a "hotel"!!! It was a good time though, it was just like camping. We stayed in a little room with two twin beds and the bathroom was down the hall. It reminded me of college days. The picture below is of the "pigs" that were next to the lodge. They sleep in this minivan at night.

Below are the pictures of Jeff and Lilly going out into the field. She had to find a bird, point, let Jeff fire the gun, and prove she was not afraid of the gun. She passed on Saturday and did not pass on Sunday. She was only a couple of points off on Sunday, though. You can't really see much in the second photo, I was pretty far away (I couldn't go out in the field). They are the little dots in the photo!

And this picture is of Jeff and Lilly after a long day:

And this is Lilly's serious face when she thinks she has spotted a bird (oh, wait, she's in the backyard and I think that was just a bug....)

And last but not least: STRANGE, BUT TRUE....

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