All about the "dogs"

Congrats to our dog, Phoenix, he is our hero!! Jeff and I went up to South Bend for the weekend to visit with my family. We took Phoenix over to grandma and grandpa's house (Phoenix loves it there because he gets so much attention and he gets away from Lilly!) When we got back to Jeff's parents last night, we learned that he did something amazing! Phoenix never gets up during the night, he loves his sleep and we have to pry him out of bed in the morning to make him go outside. Saturday night he woke Paul and Darlene up (Jeff's parents) and acted like he had to go outside. So, Darlene went outside with him and as they were coming back in the house, she realized the house smelled like gas. She learned that she had just barely left the burner on their gas stove on, so it wasn't lit, but it was leaking gas. So Phoenix saved the day!!

Another "dog" story, is about my sister and what she is doing. She contacted Pet Refuge in South Bend and said she would be willing to foster dogs until they get adopted. She has had a few that have been adopted out right away. This little guy below was with her this weekend. His name is Teddy and he is six months old. Sara, you are doing a great thing for these animals!!

Here is a picture of Pippi dog, who is getting old! This is the little dog I grew up with!!

And last, but not least, I am apparently a very boring person! I was taking "mug" shots of Lilly and she started yawning! Wow, isn't that bad when your dog thinks you are boring?!

Have a great week!

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Maya Laurent said...

Your dogs are awesome! Dogs rule! :)