A little something for the immature...

TO PATRICK & JEFF (the guys I work with, well, "worked" with in Patrick's case!) I'm just joking about the "immature!"

So you all know we have dogs. And you all know we have a female show dog. And you all know the formal name for a female dog is a "bitch".

So I started talking about our dogs one day at work and Jeff (that I work with) heard me refer to Lilly as a bitch and he couldn't stop laughing. So it is this big joke at work now, that I talk about "bitches". So here you go, Jeff and Patrick, why don't you quit your jobs and go work for this company (they do need a bit of a brand makeover!)!!

And the really funny thing about these pills (and thanks to our breeder, Sharon Manning, for recommending them to us) is that they came in a box in the mail. So one day I got home from work before Jeff (my husband) and opened this box. My first reaction was "What in the world is this?!!" And then Jeff (my husband) got home from work and said he bought them for me!!! What kind of people am I surrounding myself with?!

For real, they are for our hopefullly-will-be-pregnant-soon bitch who needs extra nutrients at the moment.


Maya Laurent said...

That is too awesome!!! This could be a great brand! :)

Justine said...

That cracks me up. I hope Lilly gets pregnant!