The Baby is Here!

As many of you may know, Lilly was due to have her "babies" on Friday, July 6th. We went for an x-ray last Saturday and were a little bit disappointed to find out the x-ray only showed one baby in there. Although Jeff and I didn't think this was normal for a dog to have one baby, our breeder, Sharon, reassured us that every breeder she knows has had a litter of one. So Lilly's first litter was one baby, which is called a "singleton".

After all of our preparation and even taking her to the top reproduction specialist in the nation, we were disappointed, but Thursday we were just happy to find that Lilly's baby came out okay and was healthy. She had a baby girl this morning at 9:30 and she weighed 15.6 oz. Lilly is doing great and becoming a good mother. Phoenix is "peeking in" every once in a while to make sure everything is okay.

We will have to choose from all of our potential puppy buyers to see who gets this precious baby girl. I think that is one of the most disappointing parts of it.

I would like to wish an extra special thank you to Sharon Manning for flying in from Kansas City to help Lilly have her baby! I don't know how comfortable we would have been without you here!

P.S. Thank you Sara for the Camel!! I know you gave it to me years ago when we worked at PetsMart together. Sharon said when you have a litter of one, the puppy still needs some comfort and warmth, so we pulled out the camel and he is doing a fine job of being a baby brother!!

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