The Baby's Life: Day 4

Well, today the baby is four days old! She is doing well. It is so funny to see her scoot all over the whelping box. She is starting to feed more, but Lilly is starting to eat less, so we may have to switch to formula soon. If the baby doesn't consistently gain weight every day, then I need to take over and feed her with a bottle.

It has been a lot of fun so far, but I can't imagine having 10 or 12! Last night I stayed up with the baby and Lilly, so we watched a movie. The electricity decided to go out about 1:30 am, so I freaked out and went and woke up Jeff (the baby needs to stay under the heat lamp right now because she can't produce her own body heat yet). It came back on after about 30 minutes.

The baby also started yawning and sticking out her tongue today! It is so cute! She now weighs 1 lb 5 oz. I am having a ton of fun with the camera and taking pictures of her.

Can you find the baby in the picture above? Her little head is laying beside Lilly.

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