Keely's first meal, an anniversary, and a good weekend!

Today Keely hit the 5 lb. mark. She had her first "real" meal on Sunday evening! It turned out to be a hilarous event because she decided to sit in the bowl and eat. We are supposed to start feeding her a food mixture 3 times a day, but she still tries to jump at Lilly every time Lilly comes around her. Another funny thing that happened this weekend was a little bark that came out of her. It was a mix between a bark and a squeak, so it came out as a yip and scared her. She fell right on her butt!

Keely's little personality is started to come through and she is starting to play and run around. We bought a tunnel for her to play in and she absolutely loves it. She sleeps in it and climbs on it.

I am working part-time right now and am really enjoying my time off. I have been spending a lot of time with Keely, running errands that haven't been done for months, and working on some wedding invitations. Keely and I had a photo shoot today. This portrait above was one of the best ones that came out of our shoot.

As for Jeff and I, we had a great weekend. We finally got to go out!! Friday night I was able to go out for drinks and meet some of the people in his company. Saturday night we went out for dinner with some friends that Jeff met in dental school. And last night we went out to St. Elmo's for our anniversary. He also sent me flowers to work!

It's been TWO whole years and things just keep getting better!

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Maya said...

I finally remembered your blog address and I'm so glad I did! Oh my goodness she is sooo cute!!! Want to trade babies for a day? Ha! Makes me want a puppy!