Phoenix is still peeking in

Today Keely is 3 weeks old. She weighs in at 4 lbs. 6.8 oz. The thing that is cracking me up is Phoenix. He is still unsure of her. I don't even think he knows what she is yet! This picture explains it all. Phoenix just sits in the background and is a "viewer" of most of the things that go on in this house. He doesn't like to actively participate unless it involves going for a run, swimming, or having visitors.

Jeff and I are really enjoying ourselves as Keely grows. In fact, she is growing like a weed! It won't be long until she outgrows the whelping box and starts eating solid food. We are adding a new toy daily to the whelping box to get her accustomed to new things. We are also trying to get her around as many noises as possible.

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