Our Little Man - Almost 17 Weeks Old

Everyone has been wanting to see pictures of Peyton, so here you go! Our little man will turn 17 weeks old on Friday. It will be easy for me to keep track of how old he is now because he is basically 2 weeks older than how far along we are with the pregnancy! He is growing into a beautiful little man and has the silliest personality. Peyton wants to play all of the time. If Lilly isn't in the mood to play with him, he will just go grab a toy and start playing by himself!


sararenee said...

What a handsome man! Maybe we'll meet at an upcoming show?

The Murphy's said...

Oh my goodness! He is a very handsome guy! We can't wait to meet him!


Yes, we aren't stayig at the hospital right now so if you send something to the house we will get it.