Back to Work...

Peyton and Nikki watch as Phoenix retrieves the ball. Peyton is still deciding whether or not he wants to jump in.

Jeff and I had a nice, relaxing week off together. That means tomorrow we head back to work. We were going to make a trip out to the east coast to attend Weimaraner Nationals, but plans feel through, so we decided to stay home and get some much needed rest and work done around the house. I know thats not the most exciting vacation, but I feel better knowing that things have gotten accomplished and we can enjoy our weekends now instead of constantly cleaning and worrying about what the next thing to do is. We got some decorations hung, the garage cleaned and re-organized, the grill fixed, the air purifier set up, the Bellamy website updated, the house cleaned, and the dogs have actually been worn out every night this week! We also attended the Indy 500, went to an Indians game, took the dogs to the field trainer for a day, learned how to walk three dogs at the same time, and hung out at the pool a couple of days.

Peyton only has a month and a half before he can begin showing and I am officially halfway through my pregnancy! Things have gone very smoothly and we find out on June 13th if we are having a boy or a girl.

Peyton finally decides he will take a dip.

Peyton brings his first bird in from the field. He is very proud!

Lilly starts practicing for her Senior Hunter title.


Anne said...

Can't believe you are halfway through your pregnancy already! Have you decided on a "theme" for the nursery yet?

VerWaynia said...

I can't wait to hear what you're having!!!

I need to come in to the office one of these summer days - the last time I was in you weren't there.