Sending You Other Places

First of all, I would like to send a BIG congrats to Sarah, Justin, and Clayton!! Clayton was born six weeks ago and has since been in the NICU at St. Louis Children's Hospital. They are packing up and heading home with Clayton today! We are so excited for them to be finally heading home! Sarah and Justin are the owners of the first pup that Lilly had (Keely). You can see current pictures of Clayton on Sarah and Justin's blog.

We had family pictures taken downtown at the canal this past weekend with Brad, Marissa, Paul and Darlene. A guy we know from Franklin College is starting his own photography business, so we thought we'd give him a try! Some of our proofs are online. You can check them out at Ryan Cook Photography.

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The Murphy's said...

Thanks Nikki! Keely and I are waiting at home for Justin to get here so we can drive together to go pick up our little guy. Keely can't wait to meet her little brother. I love the family pics. Just think next year there will be another little one in the pic. I am thinking a girl.