Streak of Bad Luck

Over the past few weeks, we have had a streak of bad luck flow through our house. Nothing horrible, but when it rains, it seems to pour.

1. I have already mentioned this first one - Jeff's foot was bothering him so he had to go see a foot specialist. After seeing the doctor, he had an MRI and they determined that he has a broken bone in his foot. So, Jeff has been wearing a soft cast and a boot on his foot for the past three weeks. He goes back to the doctor tomorrow to determine if he can take it off yet.

2. We have been traveling a lot lately and have been driving the Expedition. Well, the steering wheel has been shaking when we get on the highway and start driving between 70-75 mph. So, we took that in and learned that ALL FOUR tires needed to be replaced.

3. While getting Peyton ready to go to the Kansas City shows a few weeks back, we noticed that he had chipped one of his front teeth. To keep him in the show ring, we had to preserve the tooth, so guess what that meant? Yes, a root canal on a dog. No, insurance doesn't cover a root canal on a dog. : )

4. The washer started leaking. Come to find out, I was putting too much soap in the thing and that was causing it to leak. Wonderful.

Other than that, things have been going pretty well around here. Two weeks ago we traveled out to Kansas City with Peyton and Lilly for a big dog show. We didn't win any points that weekend, but Peyton improved every time he got in the ring and won his class 2 out of the 3 days. On Sunday, he took Reserve (which means he was one place away from winning a 4 point Major!). We also got to meet up with some friends - Sharon Manning and Carol & Ken Easterley.

Jeff and I got to take a tour of the new Lucas Oil Stadium. Season ticket holders had access one Sunday evening to go through the new stadium, so we took advantage of it. It is enormous!

This past Saturday we took Lilly and Peyton up to Chicago for a retrieving test. This is the infamous test that Lilly is having a hard time passing. If she would have passed this test, it would have given her two more titles - NRD (Novice Retrieving Dog), and her V (Versatile) rating through the Weimaraner Club of America. She was close, but decided she was too prissy to pick up a duck. She passed the land retrieve with flying colors. When we got to the water retrieve, she swan out to the duck, did a circle around it, and swam back to Jeff. Peyton didn't pass the land retrieve, so he didn't get to go on to the water.

We had a good time because we got to see one of the puppies we bred - Mr. Blue (now known as "Moose"). He looks just like Peyton! The Burens are an amazing family and they are doing a great job with Moose. He is a handsome fellow!

Lilly doing the land retrieve.

Moose with Becky and Peyton with Jeff.

The Burens with Moose and Jeff with Lilly.

The Burens with Moose.

Happy Labor Day!

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Stacy said...

Wow! You got a lot going on! Yeah, we've had one of those weeks...no scratch that..years. Seems like it has always been one bad thing after another - nothing huge - but enough to get you down. Things are finally getting better - besides our washing machine breaking...knock on wood! :)