31 Weeks!

I am now 31 weeks along in my pregnancy! It's hard to believe that the little guy will be here in about 2 months. We have decided on a name: Brady Goedeker. We are still undecided on the middle name, but I will keep you posted!

Jeff and I have been busy getting things ready. We finally have the sofa out of the nursery, so I took some pictures!

A special thanks to Brad and Marissa for helping us move the furniture out of the room that was previously in there and move in the new furniture. Thank you to Darlene who helped me put up the border, and thanks to Dad for coming down from South Bend for a weekend to help us paint and install the closet organizers. And a big thank you to Jeff for helping with all of the previously mentioned things, hanging the valance, and putting up with listening to me whine about the sofa for the past 2 months! Things are looking great! This week is going to fly by because it is a short week and then we are heading up to South Bend for the Notre Dame game on Saturday. My baby shower is also up in South Bend on Sunday!

Everyone has been wanting to see pictures of the nursery, so here it is:

Me, 31 weeks pregnant!

Crib with bedding that Mom & Dad bought us.

Close-up of the safari animals on Brady's border.

Brady's bookshelf and some of the little animals and books he has received.

The valance.

Crib, dresser, and window.

The closet organizer that Dad and Jeff installed.

Close-up of valance, border, and stripes we painted.

Brady's "Homecoming" outfit that Jeff & I bought for him. My due date is on November 2nd, the day of the Colts/Patriots game. So, we figured we need to purchase him a Colts outfit in honor of his due date!


Kim said...

Beautiful job Nikki and Jeff!
I love the homecoming outfit but he might need some Colts sweats to go with that in November!
I just saw Mr. Blue, he's bigger than Lilly!
love you,

Stacy said...

Love the nursery! It is so adorable! And the going home outfit - cute! You look great as well! I still can't believe everyone is having babies - makes me and my husband feel like we are behind the times or something! :)

Bill and Anne said...

Your nursery is just perfect! I agree with Grandma that Brady is going to need some sweats-getting advice already!!! Have fun at the game and at your shower-wish I could be there!


Maya said...

You look so cute girl! The nursery is super cute too...good job!

And I LOVE the name!

The Murphy's said...

Love, Love, Love the nursery. He is going to have a better closet than I do! You look great. To bad we can't say the same thing for Manning. :) I will have to remind you that the Bears scored the first touchdown and won the first game in Lucas Oil Stadium. We have to rub it in a little since it doesn't happen much!