Baby Shower in Indy

Profile of Brady at 32 1/2 weeks. Looks like he is going to have a long, narrow nose just like Jeff and I!

Well, first I guess I will start off with the fact that we had a little scare a few weeks ago. My stomach has been measuring small when I go in for my OBGYN appointments, so they decided I should have another ultrasound as a "precautionary measure". The good news is that Brady seems to be growing consistently and everything measured out just fine in the ultrasound. The doctor said since I am smaller, Brady is smaller, and there shouldn't be anything to worry about. Of course I had to wait a whole day before my appointment and it worried me sick.

I had another appointment this past Tuesday and I am 1 cm dilated! We are now 35 1/2 weeks along in this adventure. I guess I could be 1 cm dilated for 4 weeks, but at least there is progress. That means I am trying to get the house clean, put things together, make sure his room is set up, and get our bags packed!

On September 14th I had my baby shower here in Indy. My mother-in-law Darlene, sister-in-law Marissa, and her sister, Shay hosted the event and they did a great job! A lot of people came and Brady got a lot of stuff! Below are some of the details:

Shower Invite.

Lift up the vellum and see the little animals!


Thank you cards.

Group photo: (left to right)Seelye, Michele, Carrie, Hudson, and me.

Me opening presents.


VerWaynia said...

He's almost here!! Sorry I missed the work shower on Friday :-( I was hoping to come, but then I had to work. Hopefully I'll make it in again before you have that baby!!

The Murphy's said...

You look fantastic Nikki! I can't believe you have less than a month to go. We can't wait to meet Brady! Don't forget to have Jeff send home one of the baby's blankets with whoever is taking care of the dogs so they can smell him before he comes home! I think that really helped Keely.

The Murphy's said...

We haven't heard from you for awhile, I keep checking, I wonder if Brady made an early arrival? Hope you are feeling good.