Weekend in South Bend

Jeff and I spent the weekend of the 6th in South Bend for the Notre Dame/San Diego State game and my baby shower on the Osmanski/Kindig side. The weekend proved to be a horrible football weekend for our favorite teams (Notre Dame and the Colts), but we saw some improvements this past weekend, so we aren't as worried about it anymore! The weather was beautiful for the Notre Dame game and they pulled out a W in the end.

Brady's baby shower was great. I got to see some of my friends/family that I haven't seen in a long time, eat some really good food, and open a lot of presents! The details of the shower turned out amazing because my mom and my aunts are big into the card-making stuff and they are just like Martha Stewart! Below are some of the things that they made to match the safari theme of Brady's room.

Shower invites with pull-out card.

Centerpieces for the tables.

Advice cards for Jeff and I. Then off to the right are York Peppermint Patties. Mmmm.

Cupcakes that Mom made with little animals on them.

Door Prizes.

Door Prizes.

Brady's Diaper Cake sitting in his bedroom.

Different angle of Brady's Diaper Cake sitting in his bedroom. Look at all of the stuff he got!

Another angle of Brady's Diaper Cake.

Animal balloons that were at the shower. We drove these all the way back to Indy and they filled up the van. Jeff's dad drove us back and he couldn't even see out the back window!

Baby Balloon.


The Murphy's said...

Wow, they did an awesome job! I am very impressed. Just wait till he gets here! :) Hope you are all doing well.

Bill and Anne said...

Love it all! I am glad Brady had such a nice shower!


Stacy said...

Lovely shower! My coworker is throwing a baby shower for her friend with the same theme - she even has the same bedding! Cute!

How did they make the york peppermint patties so cute?! That is amazing!

Anonymous said...

Nikki and Jeff,
So sorry I missed the shower due to our trip to South Carolina to visit Aunt Nancy & Uncle Tom. Don't worry, Heidi and Jen filled us in and were thoroughly impressed with all of the hard work everyone put in. I am glad it was such a success. Now all we need is little Brady! Patti