One Week Old

Brady and Lilly laying on Jeff's lap.

I can't believe Brady is already a week old. Yesterday was the first day by ourselves because my mom stayed with us last week. I was a little nervous about it, but we did really well! Brady and I hung out all day listening to music, reading, eating and sleeping. I even got some laundry, ironing, cleaning and work done on my computer. I think Lilly is enjoying her time out of the kennel all day long and she is being a wonderful big sister!

Today was Brady's pediatrician appointment and everything is going really well! Brady left the hospital weighing 5 lbs. 6 oz. He weighed 5 lbs. 10 1/2 oz. at the appointment today, so he is almost back up to his birth weight! He is now 19 inches long.

Brady sleeping on Grandma O.

Brady punching at Mom.

Brady enjoying his bouncer.


Stacy said...

Aw, he is such an adorable baby! Sounds like you are doing great - love the pic of him and your dog - so sweet! I hope our pups handle a little one as well as yours seem to be handling it.

The Murphy's said...

Love the pic of Brady and Lilly. Keely must get that from her mom. It is quite a sight when Justin comes home and Keely is in my lap and Clayton is laying on top of her. They both fell asleep last week like that and the remote fell off the arm of the couch. I watched the TV Guide for 30 min!!! UGH! Glad Brady likes his bouncer too. How is he sleeping at night?

Bill and Anne said...

Brady is a little angel! Love all of your pictures.

Barbara said...

He's sooooo cute! Love to see the updates ;)