Welcome to Parenthood

If there is a such thing as an initiation into parenthood, it happened this weekend. We took a trip up north for a wedding in Culver. The reception was in South Bend, so after the wedding we took Brady to my parents and headed off to the reception. We spent the night at my parents and drove back to Indy Sunday afternoon.

To start at the beginning, it now takes us twice as long to get ready to go anywhere. After 3 hours of packing, feeding Brady, and getting everyone ready, we headed out the door. We left at 11:30, thinking that would be plenty of time to make the 2:30 wedding. We got on the road and the weather was HORRIBLE. Halfway to Culver, we realized we were going to be late and there wouldn't be any time to feed or change Brady. Not to mention, Brady smelled like poop, so I knew there would need to be a diaper change. We pulled up at the chapel about 15 minutes late and ran in the door right when the bride was getting ready to walk down the aisle. We took a detour into a tiny unisex bathroom to check Brady out. We laid the changing pad down on the floor and put Brady on it. I unsnapped his overalls to check out the damage. Sure enough, he had pooped out of the diaper, through the onesie and up the back of his overalls. While Jeff was holding a pacifier in his mouth (because at this point he was cold and hungry), I proceeded to take off his diaper and clean him up. Just as I took the diaper off of him, he peed all over my leg. At this point, all Jeff and I could do was laugh. After we all got cleaned up, I fed Brady in the back of the church while Jeff caught the tail end of the wedding. Lessons I learned: Always bring ziplock baggies, extra clothes and a sense of humor.

Brady is starting to smile!

Brady's Reindeer outfit.


The Murphy's said...

Great pictures Nikki. I love the story too. Isn't it funny how such a little guy can require so much stuff and so much time! His smiles are great. I am sure you and Jeff are looking forward to the holidays!

VerWaynia said...

We've all got those stories!!
Sounds like you handled it like a pro!
Brady is super cute in his outfit!

Maya said...

Oh yes, you are officially into parenthood!!! Keep laughing through it and you'll make it! :)

Aunt Angie said...

Welcome to parenthood! I love Brady in his reindeer outfit!