Happy Thanksgiving and Congrats to Peyton!

Brady's first Thanksgiving, 5 1/2 weeks old.

Brady has been busy getting used to life! I weighed him last week and he is already 7 lbs 0.2 oz. He has now taken two trips to Bravo! Italian Restaurant, a trip to Keystone mall, numerous trips to Babies R Us, and a trip up to South Bend! Last Sunday we had Thanksgiving at Jeff's parents and everyone was entertained by him the entire time. Then we went up to South Bend and he met all of my Aunt's, Uncle's and cousins. He even spent some time hanging out with Grandma and Grandpa Osmanski while I went out with a friend Friday night.

Peyton is also doing really well. Jeff took him up to Lansing, Michigan on Friday and Saturday for the Southern Michigan Weimaraner Club Speciality and Ingham County Kennel Club shows. Friday he took Reserve and Saturday he took Best of Winners, earning him 2 more points! We are going to try and get him entered in some shows in January to prepare him for the Indianapolis shows in February.

Brady and Nikki.

Brady in a basket.

Brady not wanting to take the pacifier out of his mouth.

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The Murphy's said...

Way to go Peyton! Oh you have so much to look forward to with Brady and the dogs. Clayton thinks Keely is so fun to watch and is always talking to her. She is wonderful with him and tolerates him pulling her ears and sticking his hand in her mouth to try to get her tounge. :) We couldn't be happier with any other dog. We love Keely so much! I am home today with Clayton and since he is snoozing, Keely is getting in her lap time nap on me! Have a great week.