Happy New Year!

Little Santa hanging out at the Hilton.

Nikki with Brady.

Jeff with Brady.

Wow, we have been busy! After the weekend in Effingham, IL (Brady's first stay at a Hilton) we didn't stop traveling. We spent Christmas Eve with Darlene's side of the family in Indianapolis. Brady finally got to sit on Santa's lap. It didn't work out previously because I took him to the mall and stood in line for Santa. Once we got to Santa, he refused to wake up for the picture. I wasn't paying for a picture with his eyes shut, so we just left. After the family gathering, we opened presents with Brad, Marissa, Paul and Darlene. Then we headed off to midnight mass. Brady did great and slept through the entire service.

Christmas Eve with Santa.

Christmas Eve opening presents. Doesn't Brady look excited about his first Christmas?!

Too many presents, it's time for a nap.

Christmas day we went to Paul and Darlene's house. Then Friday morning we headed off to Keystone Mall hoping to find some good deals at Pottery Barn and Crate and Barrel. Sadly, the things I wanted were not on sale, so we didn't end up purchasing anything from there. We did make it to Best Buy and bought a Wine Refrigerator and desk chair. We also purchased a GPS for the Expedition.

From Keystone Mall, we drove up to South Bend to spend a couple of days with my family. Brady received plenty of toys for Christmas!

When we returned from South Bend we went to the Colts game and then out to eat for Marissa's birthday. Happy Birthday, Marissa!

Paul, Darlene, Nikki and Brady at dinner.

Marissa, Brad, Jeff, Paul, Darlene and Nikki at dinner.

This past weekend we headed up to Akron, OH for a 3 day dog show. Peyton won his class 2 of the 3 days, but did not end up winning any majors. We had fun anyway and Brady is adjusting well to our lifestyle! We spent the 3 days at a Sheraton and I just popped him in the sling while we were at the dog show.

We wish everyone a happy, safe, and healthy 2009!

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