Here comes trouble!

Brady is officially holding onto things and standing up. He is also taking small steps around the sectional and ottoman. This means trouble! He will be walking soon! Besides the constant "dad dad" and "ma ma", Brady is starting to talk a lot more. We think he said his first word this past week. While Brady was sitting in the bouncer waiting for me to change out of my work clothes, Lilly walked into the bathroom. Brady looked at her and said "goo-gee!" Is that doggie?! I don't know for sure, but we will say he said "doggie". :)

This past weekend Jeff started an ortho course on Friday and Saturday, so I was on dog and Brady duty. We went to a wedding Saturday evening in Rushville and had a great time. Brady stayed with Grandma and Grandpa G. for the evening. Brady also had his first lesson with Skype. We video-chatted with Grandma and Grandpa O. so they could see him standing up!

This weekend we will be taking a trip up to Noblesville to a pumpkin patch so (in Jeff's words) "Brady can pick out his great pumpkin".


Kim said...

You Go Brady!!!!!!
I love you,

The Story of the Murphys said...

It is hard to imagine that he will be 1 soon! He is so cute and I love the pictures you took. Sounds like you have a busy fall. Are you going to be in our area at all?

The Alveys said...

So cute. Thanks for the update.