Happy Labor Day!

This past weekend included a lot of traveling! Friday we traveled to Cincinnati for a Weimaraner Specialty, where Peyton took Reserve to a Major. Friday night was a long night for me because Brady couldn't sleep. He was all stuffed up and had a slight fever. So, we were up until about 2:30 AM until he finally fell asleep sitting up in his swing. What in the world am I going to do when he grows out of that swing? He loves it and it is always the solution when nothing else will work!

Since Brady wasn't feeling well, Jeff traveled to the Illinois retrieving test on Saturday by himself with Peyton and Lilly. They both passed the land retrieve, but did not pass the water retrieve. When he got home from that, he headed to Fort Wayne for a bachelor party. Brady and I decided to spend the night shopping.

Sunday was a day of catching up and relaxing. Then Monday we traveled up to South Bend for Labor Day, my Mom's Birthday, and to meet my sister's boyfriends parents, who were in town from Alabama. It was a nice day and Brady had a good time playing with everyone. Luckily we didn't get any speeding tickets because I think we passed about 30 cops on the way home!

Brady waving at the camera with Grandma and Aunt Sara

Brady playing with the toys at my parents house


Angie K. said...

He's always so happy! What a cutie-pie!

Kim said...

Hey, I saw those pictures somewhere else! Thanks for coming up, we really do enjoy seeing all three of you.
love mom