Is Fall Really Here?

Time seems to fly. Time seems to fly even faster with a child. I cannot believe that the weather is cooling off, school is back in session, and Brady is almost a year old!

This past weekend was a relaxing time to catch up. I finished putting the last of the puppy stuff away, cleaned, did laundry, did some ironing, and for the first time in the last 12 weeks I felt relaxed about what needed to be accomplished.

Friday evening we went to dinner with some friends that are expecting in November. Saturday we went shopping for some baby shower gifts and ended up eating at the food court in the mall because it is possibly the easiest place to eat without worrying about how loud Brady gets. He is a really good kid, he is just getting to the point where he likes to randomly talk really loud or scream and I don't like to be "that person" with their child yelling in a relatively quiet place. I have also managed to run 4 of the last 6 days!

Yesterday Brady and I got the opportunity to take some photos. Here he is at 10 1/2 months old:


Kim said...

Our Brady is getting big so fast but he still has that smile we all love! How did you keep his shoes on him outside? :)
grandma o.

Jessica said...

Nikki, your baby is so big! He looks like a little man, and he's so darn happy! I love that you post so many photos! I am guessing you will be home for Thanksgiving? Hope so! :o)