Heartland President's Club 2010

Nikki & Jeff, Jamaica 2010

We are back from Jamaica and we had a wonderful trip! We left early Thursday morning and got back late Sunday night. We ended up having a flight delayed going there and a flight delayed coming home. We decided if Jeff makes it next year, we will have to add on an extra day or two! We met a lot of great people from Heartland all over the United States.

We received gifts from Heartland each day including a scarf and visor, wallets, and a Jamaican mask. Jeff also received an award at the closing reception the last night. Some close friends from Bloomington also qualified for the trip, so we had dinner with them the first night.

Me standing by one of the stairwells.

The walk out to the beach (I think this guy thought he was going to duck out of my photo!)

One of the pools.

The beach.

View from the beach looking back at the resort.

The pool bar.

Me on the beach.

Jeff on the beach.

View from our balcony at night.

View of the pools from our balcony at night.

Jeff and I with friends from Zionsville (she is 27 weeks pregnant and still made the trip!).

 Jeff and I with Jen and Ryan.

Brady sitting on Peyton's head (this is a daily occurrence in our house).


Angie K. said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time in Jamaica. Congrats to Jeff on his award. The photo of Brady on Peyton's head....that's a classic. Super cute!

Jessica said...

SO jealous! Glad you guys had a great time! I love your dress!! :o)