My Birthday Week

Yes, I literally had an entire week of Birthday celebration. Thanks to everyone who helped celebrate with me!

Last Wednesday (my birthday), Jeff and Brady sent these beautiful flowers to me at work! I also got a Diary Queen cake at work :)

 Then, Jeff got me this new handbag

 and I also got this coat from my parents!

We are currently saving up to buy me a new Mac because my Mac is really old and is starting to freeze up when I work in certain programs. So, I received a Best Buy gift card from Brad & Marissa and Paul & Darlene!

After work on Wednesday we went out to Fiesta, our favorite Mexican Restaurant. Friday morning Brady and I went shopping with some friends at the Edinburgh Outlets and Friday evening we went down to Louisville to meet some friends at the dog show. On the way home, Brady enjoyed his first visit to Pizza Hut.

 Brady wearing his first Pizza Hut bib.

On Saturday evening we had dinner at Buca di Beppo Italian Restaurant with Brad, Marissa, Paul and Darlene. We also celebrated Paul's birthday because our birthdays are just two days apart. On Sunday, we met my parents at Texas Roadhouse in Kokomo and celebrated with Mike and Kim!

Jeff, Paul, Brady and Darlene

Marissa and Brad

Me with my birthday cupcake and candles.

Jeff and I

Brady playing with the napkin.

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