Easter Weekend

We had a great Easter weekend. It started off on Saturday morning with pictures with the Easter Bunny at Jeff's office and ended with the Duke/Butler game Monday night at Lucas Oil Stadium. After pictures on Saturday morning, Grandma and Grandpa O. came to town. They stayed with us Saturday night.

We went to church Sunday morning and went back to Grandma and Grandpa G's house for brunch with everyone. Brady went on his first Easter egg hunt (which didn't go too well because he kept running to the sidewalk to stay out of the grass!). By the end of the day he was walking in the grass and when we got home he was running around our backyard.

Waking up early + no nap + long morning with a bunch of strangers and a weird white bunny at Jeff's office = a toddler throwing tantrums.

So, I just colored the eggs by myself.

My blueberry popovers I made for brunch. Thanks to the people that gave this recipe 5 stars, because I give it about 1/2 a star! They weren't very good!

Easter Basket #1 from Grandma and Grandpa O.

Easter Basket #2 from Mom and Dad.

Easter Basket #3 from Grandma and Grandpa G.

Brady's first Easter Egg hunt.

Notice he is running to the sidewalk after he grabbed the egg!

Brady's Egg he found.

Trying to figure out what to do with it.

Talking to the Goose.

Hanging out with Grandpa O.

Hanging out with Grandpa G.

Jeff, Brady and me.

Brad and Marissa.

Grandpa and Grandma O. with Brady.

Grandma and Grandpa G. with Brady.

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Angie K. said...

How fun! Brady is so darn cute- even when he's crying! Glad you had a nice Easter! Love to all!