Family Photos are Posted!

I haven't had much to update because we have all been sick. We are slowly getting better, but it seems like it is taking forever! Brady started out with pink eye and an ear infection on Friday, April 9th. Then that Sunday I got pink eye, a sore throat and an ear infection. Jeff got a sore throat and started coughing and losing his voice. Now we have the lingering of a cough and a raspy voice. Hopefully this will soon pass because I can't stand being sick for weeks at a time!

Our family photos that we took a few weeks ago are posted!
To view them, you can go to:
Click on "SITE". Then click on "CLIENTS" on the lower menu bar. Our password is "goedeker" (all lowercase).


Angie K. said...

Loved the family photos! Very nice!

Jessica said...

I love the family photos!! My favorites are the ones of Brady holding on to your legs!! So cute!