Happy Memorial Day!

We have had a busy Memorial Day weekend! On Saturday, we went downtown to the 500 parade, where Brady attended his first parade. He waved and clapped the entire time. And the best part was, we didn't have to stand in the heat! The company I work for is moving and we just happen to have a balcony AND be on the parade route, so we went to our new building to see the parade.

On Sunday we headed down to Grandma and Grandpa G.'s where Brady played in the pool and on the swing. He LOVES to swing, we had to keep dragging him away from it. Sunday evening we headed down to Bloomington where Brady went on his first boat ride! He enjoyed it and played well with one of our friends sons, who is almost 3 years old.

I guess I didn't explain much about the pregnancy in my last post. I am about 12 1/2 weeks along and due on December 9th. Things are going well, I am just exhausted and extremely hungry!

 Brady loving the swing.

Brady wouldn't leave the swing along. Every time we tried to do another activity, he would walk back towards it.

Brady's new pool.

Shovels aren't just for sand :)

Loving the new pool.

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Angie K. said...

He's so cute and happy! And he's a swinger! Glad you had a great weekend.