Holiday World

Brady, Jeff, Me

We decided to spend a day at Holiday World because we had a free weekend. A lot of Jeff's patients were telling him that there is a lot for kids Brady's age to do. We weren't so sure about it at first (Brady sometimes isn't in the best mood when he doesn't get his nap!), but both sets of grandparents, Sara and Brian came along. We left early Saturday morning and spent the day. Brady ended up doing really well!

Brady's first carousel ride.

Brady's first airplane ride.

The whole group (except for me and Grandma O.): Grandma & Grandpa G., Jeff & Brady, Grandpa O., Brian & Sara

Jeff and Brady riding the cars.

Grandma and Grandpa G.

Grandpa O., Sara and Brian

Brady, not so sure about riding this fish.

Brady, Me and Holidog.

End of the day, we made it!

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Angie K. said...

Great photos! Glad everyone had a good time!