3D/4D Ultrasound and Brady's 2 Year Pics

Friday we had our 3D/4D ultrasound! It was neat to see, but Jeff and I weren't exactly "amazed" by it :) Gabi is now about 3.6 lbs and I am about 30 1/2 weeks. She has already dropped. It worries me a little because she is sitting so low, but I am starting to feel better than I did last week. The exhaustion is coming back and there is just a lot of pressure down there already. So, I don't think I will be doing a lot of walking from now until she arrives because it feels like she is going to fall out! We are just hoping that she stays put for another 7 weeks!

 Gabi's face. Her cheek is smashed against my placenta :)

Gabi's feet with her ankles crossed.

Brady will be turning two in two weeks. I can't believe how fast time flies! Below are a few of his two year photos. We took him to Portrait Innovations because it was pouring all day on Saturday. I hope to get him outside soon so we can get some more!

 "I'm all business". Brady modeling his Halloween costume, Snoopy.

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Angie K. said...

Great pics of Brady. I can't wait to meet Gabi! Hope all is well!